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With so many delicious dressings, how will you top your favorite Chick-fil-A Salad? ... See MoreSee Less

With so many delicious dressings, how will you top your favorite Chick-fil-A Salad?


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Avocado Lime Ranch! THE BEST! I sent a request to sell the dressing just like you can buy a sauce in a tub. Look how many people love Avocado Lime Ranch! Please please consider to sell in a bottle❤️❤️

I’m not, because you got rid of “Spicy”. 😭😭😭And please don’t EVEN try to recommend creamy salsa, it’s nothing like it. You could literally put salsa on your salad and it’d taste about the same with a lot less calories. I need to know how to make the old spicy dressing at least.... can we get a recipe please?

Chile Lime Vinaigrette was the best!

I love the Avocado Lime Ranch!

The Zesty apple cider is the best!

Avocado Lime Ranch is definitely my favorite!

Avocado Lime Ranch is the best,

I love the spicy southwest chicken salad

Avocado lime ranch. The best

My favorite salad is Cobb salad w/ grilled chicken and creamy salsa dressing

Love the light balsamic vinegarette!

Love spicy southwest chicken salad with Garden herb ranch

I’d like to top it with the Asian dressing..on an Asian chicken salad!!! #bringitback 😀

bring back the chili lime vinaigrette. the light balsamic doesn’t work with the sw spicy chicken salad and the avocado and creamy salsa dressings have as much calories as the salad.

Bring back the fish sandwich, please! I love Chick-fil-A but don’t eat chicken. We’re here right now. 😢

BRING BACK THE CHILI LIME VINAIGRETTE! 😪(typed in all caps to show the seriousness of this issue) it’s the only low calorie option for my favorite thing from chick fil a, the spicy southwest salad

We get the Market Salad and usually have the Avocado Lime Ranch. So good! Now I need to go to Chick fil A. We are so lucky to have one in Worcester, 3.4 miles from home.

Avocado lime ranch hands down!! The best dressing ever!!

Avocado Lime Ranch! Yummy

Where is the Zesty apple cider vinaigrette ?

Try the breakfast burrito with the creamy salsa 👌

Avocado Lime Ranch!!! 🥰😋

Avocado Lime Ranch on the chicken wrap. Omg. So good.

Avocado lime or honey mustard !

Make a dressing version of the chick fil a sauce because I can’t be the only person who uses it as a dressing . It’ll be the most popular dressing for a while I bet

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