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Mornings are better when they start with this. #ChickenforBreakfast Photo Credit: @whatspriscillaeating on Instagram ... See MoreSee Less

Mornings are better when they start with this. #ChickenforBreakfast Photo Credit: @whatspriscillaeating on Instagram


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I love there breakfast

I love the Chicken Bowl. The cut up nuggets,cheese,and potatoes is really good.

My husband brought me home chick fil a for dinner tonight. I was in the kitchen making tacos and everything when he walked in. Thanks for great service as always πŸ’“

Alas, I cannot have chicken for breakfast because there is no Chick-fil-A in Spokane, Washington. I weep.

Did they get rid of their Styrofoam cups and go to recyclable materials?! Hope that change is coming company wide.

Had a breakfast bowl there today. First rate!

Chicken breakfast burrito is the best! πŸ’•

waiting on august 1st for the grand opening in mebane, nc!!!!!!

I love this place ❀️❀️

Doggone it! I no longer wake up before breakfast ends! Plus I have to drive 35 minutes to Chick Fil A. (Or, as mom would say, Chick a Fil!). I have to change: wake up earlier; and move closer!

I want chicken minis all day long. Please make them all day instead of just for breakfast

I miss you Chick-fil-A.

Where is the coffee? Hopper would be disappointed .

I loved getting a 30 piece nugget in the morning! πŸ™‚

I love Chick-fil-A the best fast food restaurant delicious food and wonderful employees I β™₯️ love the chicken biscuit best in the whole world.

Looking forward to seeing your foodtruck at Soulfest in 16 days.

Folks that Passion Tea is to dye for!!!!!! Try it

Bring back the spicy chicken biscuit!!!!!!! This is the only thing I've ever been mad ab...

The best breakfast! 😍

Love me some chick fil a πŸ”

yes it is Tammy Blair,,,, i love this biscuit

Hate? Do your mornings start with hate?

I really miss the spicy, egg, and cheese biscuit but Chickfila still has the best breakfast for on the go!

I love chick-fil-a so much I am so glad y’all are always busy and closed on Sunday you guys are a great company! 😊

I love you Chick-fil-A πŸ’–

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